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super steals

someone else’s trash

is someone else’s treasure

while i was at home, my friend erin and i went to carolina collectables.  erin has the most amazing taste.  she can find random things and make them fit into a space just like that were made to go there.  i was snapping pictures of all the goodies that caught my eye.  i ended up with a wooden vanity chair that i will paint and recover.  erin ended up with this ornate gold frame that was super awesome, both at super awesome prices.

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is that what a dinosaur sounds like

i found this picture of a dinosaur (raptor i believe, i do not know my dinosaurs too well) and i wanted to make a super plain non-detailed painting of it. michael hated it, and told me he could have painted a better dinosaur when he was six.

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fly away with me



a melvin g original

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fashion and art history





fall 2009 ready to wear


fall 2009 ready to wear


fall 2009 ready to wear

another impressive collection this season was dries van noten. the color combinations he used were amazing. he used shades taken from francis bacon paintings. shrimp pink, beige, ocher, orange and mauve. the shapes were very vintage, had a european look. loved it. what can be better than fashion and a surrealist genius.

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i want to paint





michael and i decided to make our visit to the redbox for a movie night and there was absolutely nothing. so instead of going to blockbuster next door we decided it was a good idea to go to target which is next door as well and buy a movie. now it makes no sense at all, but at the time it did. we ended up getting vicky cristina barcelona, a film by woody allen. michael hated it, but i actually enjoyed it. in the movie javier bardem plays an artist, as does penelope cruz. it made me want to paint so bad. they both were abstract painters with huge canvases and they may have been messier painters than i am, if that is possible. they used their hands and rollers. there were buckets filled with paints. i think i may go crazy if i can not get a studio space soon.

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a couple more tomme hiltons



tomme sent me the rest of our engagement pictures. i can not put them all up, but i will probably squeeze a few in here and there. we had fun. she is amazing. the first picture caused me to rip my new nina ricci dress. so sad. but it was worth the shot, and it can always get it fixed.

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