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sehr spaß

brice and kim took us to oktoberfest with them at this old barn.  i do not drink beer, so that was out of the picture for me.  i was entertained with taking shots of the barn and random items.  i told my brother i was going to do a blog on it, and he said “yea… you do not blog for months and then all of a sudden you have like ten in six hours.”  well brice, these are my six hours.


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the town is the movie



i hyped this movie up. as soon as i saw the preview i could not wait to see it. it finally came out last friday, so of course we were going to go. i think this is the first movie in a long time, ok maybe ever, that michael and i were equally excited to see. so the conversation over our sushi dinner was solely about how ready i was to see this, and how great i thought it was going to be. i almost set myself up for disaster by behaving like this, but instead i was completely right with my intuition. it was such a great cast and they did not disappoint. ben affleck, jon hamm, jeremy renner, rebecca hall (vicky cristina baceona,) blake lively (who ho-ed it up like a pro,) chris cooper, titus welliver (the LOST smoke monster himself.) it was so intense, i was rooting for the bad guy (affleck) but then again i was rooting for the good guy (hamm.) i just did not know what i wanted, but i do know this movie was awesome.

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shrek four



saw my first 3-d movie.  how much fun.

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what a party



i found this picture on one of the many blogs i look at daily. how much fun would it be to do this for a birthday party. i WILL do this one day. i do not know when, but it will happen.

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i want to paint





michael and i decided to make our visit to the redbox for a movie night and there was absolutely nothing. so instead of going to blockbuster next door we decided it was a good idea to go to target which is next door as well and buy a movie. now it makes no sense at all, but at the time it did. we ended up getting vicky cristina barcelona, a film by woody allen. michael hated it, but i actually enjoyed it. in the movie javier bardem plays an artist, as does penelope cruz. it made me want to paint so bad. they both were abstract painters with huge canvases and they may have been messier painters than i am, if that is possible. they used their hands and rollers. there were buckets filled with paints. i think i may go crazy if i can not get a studio space soon.

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the wild

things are



i can not wait to see the movie Where the Wild Things Are. I used to love the book when I was a kid, and the movie looks so awesome. the book was written and illustrated by maurice sendak in 1963. its a classic and i am so excited it has been made into a movie.

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i personally think the hangover is the funniest movie i have ever seen. i had leah quoting it before she even saw it, and now that she has seen it we may get on everyone’s nerves that are around us. i first saw it with michael and we died laughing throughout the entire movie. i then saw it again with my mom (yes my mom) brother and sister in law. it was just as funny the second go around. not to mention it is never a waste of time to watch bradley cooper. he has taken robert pattinson’s place. i know this is so hard to believe, but he has become my new obsession. but i still love my fiance way more (thats for you michael)

by the way this is where we are going for my bachelorette party in september. lets hope there are no roofies (or should i say groundies) tigers or babies involved.

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