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my brother left me a voice mail saying “my spoon is too big” in a creepy voice like three or four times. it was funny, but i had no idea what he was talking about. so when i told him i did not get it when i was talking to him, he told me to you tube it. it is funny, but i do not like the banana’s voice. it gets on my nerves. for the you tube video click here.


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susan boyle


got talent


my mom told me to look this up. i think it has been all over the news. you have got to watch this you tube. 

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the new gang




well i have to admit i have become a huge fan of the new show on MTV. i think we all end up getting hooked on some sort of reality show, and i am sure over half the girls out there are probably addicted to the hills. yes i watched the hills, but i like the city much more. it has a few ups on the hills. much more fashion, jay lyon and no spedi. so do not call me monday nights from 10-10:30. i am occupied.

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so we went to see twilight. not only am i completely obsessed with the movie and now i want to read the series, but how can you not be obsessed with edward. wow.

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click here

this is mocking the original little superstar. i must say it is funny.

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ahhhhh choooo



i randomly stumbled across this youtube one night when, yes, leah and i were playing on youtube. we watched it about one hundred times, maybe more. i am not exaggerating. click on the picture and it will take you to the youtube site.

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little superstar

my roommate leah showed me this youtube. yes, we are obsessed with youtube. just click on the picture above and it will take you to the little superstar youtube video. my favorite parts are right at 17 seconds and then right at 37 seconds. i think i have watched this video way too many times.

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