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sehr spaß

brice and kim took us to oktoberfest with them at this old barn.  i do not drink beer, so that was out of the picture for me.  i was entertained with taking shots of the barn and random items.  i told my brother i was going to do a blog on it, and he said “yea… you do not blog for months and then all of a sudden you have like ten in six hours.”  well brice, these are my six hours.


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m. clifford goodies


was over at my aunt’s office working on our jewelry ideas and snapped some pictures of some of her fun clutches, change purses and wristlets.  she also did ipad cases, passport holders and business card holders in the stingray stamped leather (pictured last) go to her website here.

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hey pumpkin



i made michael go to the pumpkin patch with me and be excited about it.  i told him we have to celebrate all the holidays to the full extent our first year being married.  we got a big one to put outside, a small one to put inside with our indian corn stalks and one small one to make into a jack-o-lantern (which i am too embarrassed to even post.)  i did make some spicy pumpkin seeds though, which were tasty.  i looked up bobby flay’s recipe and made do with what i had in the pantry.

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happy birthday times three

michael’s three brothers have birthdays all within a week.  kyle’s september 30th, keith’s october 4th, david’s october 5th.  we went to spartanburg to celebrate with dinner followed by strawberry and chocolate cake.

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old fave


my all time favorite picture of roxy.  this was taken right after we got her from lauren and david.

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a whole lot of walkers

day with

the walkers

julie, david, david, lauren, levi and zoe came up to charlotte on saturday. we went to zada janes, to southpark and then came back to our place for a little while. it was so good seeing them, and these kids are just too cute.

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month number nine




i sound so lame, but i feel like i can celebrate the first twelve months, then it can be a yearly thing. so anyway, nine months ago today was our wedding day.  can not wait for nine million more months together.

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