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super steals

someone else’s trash

is someone else’s treasure

while i was at home, my friend erin and i went to carolina collectables.  erin has the most amazing taste.  she can find random things and make them fit into a space just like that were made to go there.  i was snapping pictures of all the goodies that caught my eye.  i ended up with a wooden vanity chair that i will paint and recover.  erin ended up with this ornate gold frame that was super awesome, both at super awesome prices.


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yea jonny





so jonathan, leah’s brother, just had his comic, the nightly news, featured in this months gq (yea the one with robert pattinson on the front) as one of the twenty comics you need to read after seeing watchmen. go to this and then click on the slideshow. he is the fourth slide. pretty awesome. he is super talented. he illustrates and writes. jon’s website is here.

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newest walker





we got to go see lauren, david and levi wednesday night. lauren had him wednesday at 1:03 pm and he weighed 8lbs 10 0z. he is so precious. i had never held a newborn baby before which is weird because i have a niece and a nephew. so i held levi and it was unreal. i could have just sat there holding him forever. i can not wait to see him again.

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a note from angela


gone bad


my friend angela sent me this the other day. i was laughing so hard. we put up a jaws poster, or maybe it was just a shark coming out of the water, in these 4 guys house a few years ago in college. mostly because it was completely random. well the guys moved out and two of them moved into a new house with another guy. somehow the poster went with them. so we died when we saw it at their new place. i am sure none of this makes sense unless you are angela, but you may get a kick out of the picture. and no, it is not real. duh. i have had about three people i have shown it to say “not uh, thats not real is it?” no you idiot, its not.

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leah’s turn

my roommate leah has helped me re-do my top five hot guys list and now she wants one of her own. so here it is.


top five


tom brady


gabriel aubrey

Tom Welling

tom welling


josh holloway


paul walker

straight from the mouth of leah hickman, “i’ve got a bangin top five”

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its a boy



click here to go to lauren’s blog. it shows pictures of the baby. oh my goodness this baby is going to be so cute. and as you can see from the title it is going to be a little boy. awwwww yay.

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our song. finally.

be my baby

so michael and i always try to figure out what “our song” is. i used to say it was unchained melody by the righteous brothers because that is the first song we ever danced to. the other night when we were watching a movie and a song came on for the credits and i thought it was the best song for us. it is “be my baby” by the ronettes. i am not sure if i have convinced michael that it is perfect for us but i sure do think it is. listen to it for yourself here.

michael and me

be my be my baby

be my little baby

my one and only baby

say youll be my darlin

be my be my baby

be my baby now

my one and only baby

whoa oh oh oh

ill make you happy baby just wait and see

for every kiss you give me ill give you three

oh since the day i saw you i have been waiting for you

you know i will adore you til eternity

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