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ohh lawdy

i came across this online and showed it to michael because it looked like roxy and just because it made me laugh. wrong move on my part. now michael will not stop talking about getting a tattoo of roxy.  people help me talk my husband out of this craziness (no offense hand model in this picture.)


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dream land

after we were aware of our canceled 7am flight, no not delayed, canceled, and our booking of the next available flight at 4pm we were finally on the plane heading to orange county.

by the time we arrived, got our rental car, and checked into the hotel it was pitch black and we were quite tired from our very long day of travel.  needless to say, we headed straight for some sleep.  the next morning we woke up to sunny california.

later that night we went up to la mirada for dinner with my family friends, the mcqueen family.  i had never met martin’s wife, pam, their daughter anna, or james’ fiance paola.  i have never been to LA before so pam, paola and ruth insisted they take me the following day.  it was so much fun.  we did some shopping and then hit the garment district downtown.  i had so much fun getting to know pam, paola and anna.  such awesome girls, and of course getting to explore LA.

wednesday michael and i headed to costa mesa to check out south coast plaza, the most overwhelming mall i have ever been to in my life, and then fashion island, kind of like an outdoor southpark. saw an andy warhol piece which is always fun and photo worthy. later we met up with my college roommate, melissa, and her fiance, patrick.  they took us to sprinkles, the cutest cupcake shop ever.  paola had actually just told me i had to check it out if i liked cupcakes, and we all know i do not like cupcakes, i am obsessed with cupcakes. then we went to laguna beach and walked around on the beach and then headed to dinner on a patio overlooking the water.

the next day michael and i decided to hit the beach again, this time newport beach.  i had already noticed how different plants were on the west coast, but i found even more amazing plants at the beach that day.

my entire life i have heard from martin, james and ruth (mcqueen) how amazing in-n-out burger is.  so of course we had to check it out.  thursday night dinner was in-n-out. we got our fries the infamous animal style, which we wrongly called monster fries and were quickly corrected.  they were amazing.  i am actually glad we do not have one close to us because i would eat it on a regular, very regular, basis.

dinner was followed by frozen yogurt from golden spoon. you choose your flavor or flavors then your toppings which they spoon onto the sides. i had chocolate and vanilla with chocolate chips and a side of hot marshmellow, which was incredible but a huge mess.  michael had malt chocolate and vanilla with crushed peanut butter cups.

another thing i saw plenty of out there was thai restaurants and juice/smoothie shops.  i checked it out and was glad i did.  very scrumptious.  i want some juice it up to come to the east coast.

my aunt martha and steve recommended tabu grill in laguna beach, and let me tell you, they know food.  i have never been out to dinner with them or been somewhere they recommended and been disappointed.  i was not surprised when i had the most amazing meal i have ever eaten.  i started out with the grilled caesar salad and then had ranch pork chop with corn and snap pea succotash, smoked apple bacon, sweet corn grits, honey cream jus.  i have never ordered a pork chop, not even really a fan of a pork chop, but for some reason i decided to try it out.  everything else in the dish sounded so good i had to do it.  i am so glad i did.  we had a fantastic pinot nior, but had to skip dessert because we were both so incredibly full.  wish we could have because they all sounded delicious.

saturday michael and i met up with mel and patrick for a bike ride on the boulevard. then we took some back roads where mel showed us some awesome houses. we made a few stops. walked out on the jetty, grabbed a burger, fries and coke, walked around the streets. it was so much fun. it was the point when i 100% wanted to move to orange county, and i do believe michael was right there with me in that choice.

later that night we met up with the mcqueen crew in anaheim for some hibachi, and then we went to disneyland to see the firework show they have every night.  because of some heavy wind it was canceled, but that did not stop me from indulging in some cotton candy and a candy apple. all the treats looked so good, but i had to control myself. i can not remember the last time i ate the amount of sugar in the cotton candy and candy apple alone. we went into the lego store and they had all of these huge statues made out of tiny legos. they were so cool. we got michael a chubaka lego keyring since his nickname in college was chewy (still not sure why, he will not tell.)

sunday morning we woke up super early and headed to the airport so we could go back to reality, not by choice.

and then we landed in charlotte and it was a done deal. we were back.

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forty dollar day



we went to the greek festival this afternoon.  they only take cash so we stopped and got $40 out of the atm.  every penny went to great use.  started out with a lemonade for me and a coke for michael.  then got a greek salad, two fries, two hot dogs (they just looked so good we had to), a gyro, spanakopita.  after we finished all of that it was on to dessert.  baklava ice cream, loukoumades and a frappe.  we actually had $2 left at the end, so we used it to enter a raffle for a trip for two to greece.  keep your fingers crossed for us.

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eat up




how cute are these. i bet it is not hard to get kids to eat their peas if they have utensils like this. well actually they might play with them more than consume them.

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is it weird that my mom (who does not drink/thinks drinking is dumb) sent me this in an email. yea i thought so too.

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global warming


or not

we need to do something

we do not all have to necessarily “go green” totally but we do need to watch the way we live and treat the environment. i am really interested in watching the al gore film an inconvenient truth. we are affected by what we do and how we do it.


“Humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb. If the vast majority of the world’s scientists are right, we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction involving extreme weather, floods, droughts, epidemics and killer heat waves beyond anything we have ever experienced.”


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