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oh how

i love you


michael and i spent last week in california.  it was my first time to the west coast, and i fell head over heels in love.  i always thought that the south was the friendliest place there was.  trips to new york and europe definitely made me think that was correct, and visitors to the south sure made me think we were the nicest people to exist.  incorrect my friend– california is the friendliest place on earth (that i have been to) everyone is so laid back and casual and nice as can be.  we had such a great time.  i was able to have dinner with some old friends, and i made new friends from my old friends.  i took over 500 pictures on my iphone alone so i will be doing a post for each adventure.


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break time

i want

to x

i thought about it and once you are in the real world there is not as much to look forward to. you go to work five out the seven days of a week. you work eight hours (or more) a day. when you get home you are completely exhausted. there is no more summer break, christmas break or spring break to look forward to. no more countdowns, no more marking days off your calendar. 

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the great getaway

a little

bit of london

tower bridge and cityscape

fireworks over thames river

house of parliament and westminister bridge

i think it would be awesome to move to london in like five years. i have been looking into fashion job opportunities over there, and I really think it could work out. i want to stay with my job here until i move (if i ever do.) i have already learned so much and i am learning more and more everyday. the girls i work with are brilliant when it comes to fashion. they are great mentors. we will see what is going on in my life four years from now then i will start actually planning.

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take me back




on the beach in charleston

i think michael and i might go down to charleston for memorial day weekend. it is necessary to be in/on/around water on this weekend. we do not have a boat so the lake does not seem like too much fun. a pool, no thanks. so we are only left with one option, the beach. the closest one? charleston. how convenient. makes me sad thinking we lived there last summer. the beach was a five minute drive. now only 3 1/2 hours. awesome.

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home sweet home


north carolina 

got a job in charlotte and i start next friday. ahhhh. i have so much to do before then. i am really excited because this is what i have wanted for like five years and i have no idea why it has taken me so long to get there. however i am sad i am not going to get to see my parents, brother or future sister in law ALL THE TIME. oh well, time to grow up. guess i will just have to visit a lot.

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bucket list


back in november i made a list of fifty things i wanted to do before i die. i was telling a friend about my list, and he told me that a movie was coming out like that.  obviously it was the bucket list, and since i had a list of my own i figured i must go see the movie. well i did. it was a good one. really sad though. have the tissues ready. anyway here is my bucket list.


1. watch the sun rise and set

2. scuba dive

3. have a garden

4. go all over europe

5. test drive a ferrari

6. read a classic novel

7. go to a theatre

8. go to an opera

9. go to a drive in movie

10. lay in the grass and look at the sky for an hour

11. ride in a gondola

12. learn to play guitar

13. have a food fight

14. go to a spa for a day

15. watch a classic movie

16. go on a hot air balloon ride

17. give to a charity

18. climb a mountain

19. have christmas in new york

20. have new years in new york

21. go skydiving

22. take a walk in the rain

23. sleep under the stars

24. visit the pyramids

25. pick a random subject, research it and write a paper on it

26. in one day eat 10 things i have never eaten

27. go whale watching

28. go deep sea fishing

29. visit machu picchu

30. see the northern lights

31. become fluent in german

32. visit all 50 states

33. see the grand canyon

34. see the statue of liberty

35. send a message in a bottle

36. visit the taj mahal

37. see the leaning tower of pisa

38. go snowboarding

39. run in a marathon

40. go shark swimming

41. visit the blue lagoon in iceland

42. iceskate in new york

43. do the “weightless wonder” at nasa

44. watch a shuttle launch

45. go zorbing

46. visit mount rushmore

47. visit stonehenge

48. stay a night in the burj al arab hotel in dubai

49. stay in an ice hotel

50. walk in a rain forest

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