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when writing my post on my all time favorite songs, my plan was to have a link to all of them so you could hear the goodness for yourself. so i finally did it. i am going to admit that it was really hard. i knew starting this task at 10:00 at night was not going to allow me to listen to the entirety of each song. can you imagine, hearing that first little bit of one of your favorite songs and then having to move on. it was such a tease, but i do hope you enjoy them.  here is a link to the post, so you do not have to go searching for it yourself. just click on the name of the song (its in green) and it takes you to a youtube. yes some of them are super random videos.


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My Top Twenty (One)

All Time



on a late night long drive home from visiting my parents michael and i were trying to entertain ourselves (keep ourselves awake) so we played a “game” where i would play my all time favorite songs and he would see if he knew them.  he was quite surprised that i even knew some of the songs, much less that they were on my top favorite list.  i know you have had the question who is your all time favorite band or if you could only listen to one band the rest of your life who would it be?  i do have certain bands/singers i love and then i have some songs i love that happen to be the only song that i really really like by that artist.  while coming up with my top twenty i had multiple songs from a few artists and those would be my faves in the artist category (bob marley, coldplay, jimi hendrix, the beatles)  all time favorite, i always have to go with coldplay.  i love almost everything they do, rush of blood to the head is my favorite album ever and coldplay was my all time favorite concert, so they get the fave stamp.  here is a list of my top twenty one (sorry sometimes you can not make cuts) favorite songs ever.  i had to put them in alphabetical order just so one did not seem more important than another.

Ben Folds Five


Bob Marley

Natural Mystic

Bob Marley

Three Little Birds


Fix You


The Scientist


Warning Sign

Eva Cassidy

Song Bird

Fine Frenzy

Almost Lover

Gary Jules

Mad World

Imogean Heap Tiesto Remix

Hide and Seek


I Wish You Were Here

Iron Butterfly

In a Gadda Da Vida

Jimi Hendrix

All Along the Watchtower

Jimi Hendrix

Purple Haze

Modest Mouse

Ocean Breathes Salty

Queens of the Stone Age

No One Knows

Ryan Adams

When the Stars Go Blue

Sixpence None The Richer

With Every Breath

The Beatles

Come Together

The Beatles

Let It Be


Jesus Etc

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fix you

lights will guide you home 
and ignite your bones
and i will try to fix you


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i swam across

i jumped across for you

oh what a thing to do

cause you were all yellow

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the broken lights on the freeway

left me here alone

i may have lost my way now

having forgot my way home

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takin it back




leah and i were talking and she said goodies and it made me think of this song. a few summers ago we were completely obsessed. i must say, i am still digging it. go here to see the video.

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i hope you dance

when you get the chance

to sit it out or dance

i hope you dance


my mom gave me a book a long time ago that had all the lyrics to the song i hope you dance as well as pictures to go along with what the lyrics said. it also a copy of the cd in the back. not only is lee ann womack’s voice beautiful so are the words. you can hear the song here.

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