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two in one

joseph altuzarra


tommy ton


leah joseph and me

i am so far behind with this blog thing. about a month ago we had a visit from two awesome guys. tommy ton from jak and jil (who is now style.com‘s new fashion month style photographer) and joseph altuzarra. it was so much fun hanging out with them and getting to know them. check out both of their sites. they are both amazingly talented. and also another highlight my feet (well my alexander mcqueen booties) got on tommy ton’s blog. check them out here. he posted about capitol too. see that one here. wow i have instructed you to look at a lot.


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perfect fit



spring 2009 runway look


acid washed ripped jeans

we just got in our newest line, balmain. i have no other word to describe it besides extraordinary or any of its synonyms. check out their website. for those who are not into fashion, you probably will not understand at all.

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t magazine

going to



t magazine, which you will find in the sunday issue of the new york times, has a fashion issue two times a year. during chaotic fashion week of course. one for spring and one for fall. in the most recent of these published back in february they did an article on laura and capitol. check it out. click on the images at the bottom and it will tell you a little about them. capitol has a new website up. it is an informative website. you can see it here.

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craziness coming soon

i will need

sleep coffee

the opening party is coming up. it is next saturday night. jackie, leah and i had a meeting last night to go over everything for the window and interior displays for the party. we have about eleven designers that have sent their ideas and supplies to set up their display. we are starting everything on sunday morning. she said we probably will be up until at least 4 a.m. every night/day whatever you want to call it. then we will be waking up at 8 a.m. to start the next day. leah and i are helping out at the opera saturday night after a full day of work until about 2 or 3 a.m. starbucks will know me even better than they already do after this. so i am guessing i better get a good nights rest tonight and tomorrow night because it will not be happening for at least another week. even though it is going to be so much work, i can not explain how excited we are that we were asked to do this. this is such an amazing experience. i honestly do not know how or why i ended up at capitol, but it has been so incredible. i have only been there since march and i have learned more than i ever thought i would about fashion and i have been able to meet people i would have never thought. not to mention the amazingly talented people i get to work with each and every day.

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marie helene de taillac



and beauty

marie helene de taillac

marie helene de taillac was at our store for a couple days having a trunk show. please go to her website and look at her amazing jewelry and read about her. she is an amazingly talented woman. she was so nice and a pleasure to be around.

speaking of jewelry, i have always wanted an engagement ring that was different. something that was special to me. not something everyones else had. i used to love the antique diamond rings, then that became “the ring” to get. i feel like almost everyone gets one like that now. i am a simple girl, so i thought maybe a simple ring. just a gold band with a diamond. i tried one on and did not like it at all on my finger. it just was not right. well marie helene brought all of this beautiful jewelry for our trunk show. i saw this sapphire ring that i absolutely loved, more so than the diamond ring she brought. i tried it on and absolutely loved it, as an engagement ring. then i could just get her to make me a solid gold band to go with it. her gold is not shiny either, which i love. i asked the girls i worked with if that was dumb to not get a diamond, and they made a great point. it is my ring, so why does it matter what other people think. i was still a little hesitant until i went to marie helene’s website. i have been on there numerous times, but i remembered she had a story behind all the stones she uses. so i decided to read about the sapphire. after i read it i decided the sapphire is for me. here is what it says.

the sapphire is a soothing gem. its shades range from pale to dark blue, and can also be green, yellow or pink. the name sapphire originates from the latin “hyacinthus” meaning hyacinth, an allusion to its beautiful color. the sapphire is a symbol in all religions. christians consider it to symbolize the Virgin as it represents purity and the luminous power of God’s kingdom. Sapphire engenders self-assurance “the one who wears sapphire will succeed in doing everything he starts” it drives away nervousness and worries. it is a stone of protection and it is particularly efficient at fighting negative vibrations. sapphire empowers the wearer to love, seek out truth, get involved and remain faithful. it protects marriages. as a stone of meditation, the sapphire proves a worthy companion on the road to spirituality. sapphire soothes irritability. it also has the power to relax the body and ease physical pain.

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barbara tfank

we are having the barbara tfank trunk show at work right now. her fabrics are so beautiful. she uses a lot of vintage fabrics in her collections. everything is very bright and colorful.

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my second home


this is the place i spend most of my waking hours. these pictures are all from the second floor. you can see a bit of the plant wall in the courtyard. if you are ever in charlotte you should stop by and see it.

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