boho trailer park

i will live in a tree, thanks.

ohh lawdy

i came across this online and showed it to michael because it looked like roxy and just because it made me laugh. wrong move on my part. now michael will not stop talking about getting a tattoo of roxy.  people help me talk my husband out of this craziness (no offense hand model in this picture.)

let’s do

photo by tomme hilton

well said


sehr spaß

brice and kim took us to oktoberfest with them at this old barn.  i do not drink beer, so that was out of the picture for me.  i was entertained with taking shots of the barn and random items.  i told my brother i was going to do a blog on it, and he said “yea… you do not blog for months and then all of a sudden you have like ten in six hours.”  well brice, these are my six hours.

my mom and dad took michael, my sister and me to miyami, where they cook in front of you and give you a show.  our chef was hilarious and the food was so good.  the shrimp sauce would be consumed by me every day if it were not triple my recommended daily calories.

super steals

someone else’s trash

is someone else’s treasure

while i was at home, my friend erin and i went to carolina collectables.  erin has the most amazing taste.  she can find random things and make them fit into a space just like that were made to go there.  i was snapping pictures of all the goodies that caught my eye.  i ended up with a wooden vanity chair that i will paint and recover.  erin ended up with this ornate gold frame that was super awesome, both at super awesome prices.